Package at.wisch.joystick.ffeffect

Class Summary
ConditionEffect The Class ConditionEffect.
ConstantEffect The Class ConstantEffect.
CustomEffect Deprecated. CustomEffect is not supported for all controllers on all operating systems.
DamperEffect The Class DamperEffect.
Effect The Class Effect.
ExtendedEffect The Class ExtendedEffect.
FrictionEffect The Class FrictionEffect.
InertiaEffect The Class InertiaEffect.
PeriodicEffect The Class PeriodicEffect.
RampEffect The Class RampEffect.
SawtoothDownEffect The Class SawtoothDownEffect.
SawtoothUpEffect The Class SawtoothUpEffect.
SineEffect The Class SineEffect.
SpringEffect The Class SpringEffect.
SquareEffect The Class SquareEffect.
TriangleEffect The Class TriangleEffect.